Solatel Documents

These manuals are presented in Adobe Acrobat fromat (.pdf).
The 44 page comprehensive Plant Pro instruction manual goes into detail on every feature
of the controller.

Plant Pro Manual Solatel Catalog
Plant Pro Latest Version Manual Supplement (HGC-3A) Tri-fold Retail Brochure
CO2-200 Carbon Dioxide Monitor for Plant Pro Gas Pro Brochure
CO2-300 Stand Alone Carbon Dioxide Controller Solatel Products Brochure
CO2-400 Carbon Dioxide Controller for Gas Pro New Version Plant Pro Features Flyer (HGC3A)
FD-100 Stand Alone Flood Controller
PWX-1 120V Power Expander
PWX-D20 120V Delayed Power Expander
PWX-240-6 (Six Outlet 240V Power Expander)
PWX-240-4 (Four Outlet 240V Power Expander)
PWX-240S (Six Outlet 240V Sequential Power Expander)
PWX-240U (Four 240V Switched/ Two 120V Unswitched)
LP-120S Lamp Timer (Six 120V Sequential Outlets)
LP-240S Lamp Timer (Six 240V Sequential Outlets)
Gas Pro CO2 Generator (Propane)
Gas Pro CO2 Generator (Natural Gas)